[Guest Blogger] My business is a joke!

Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Colleen and I run a fairly new etsy shop called Dear Colleen. I’ve very kindly been asked to write a guest post for Comfort Works offering other small businesses advise. I’m way too new to have much in the way of words of wisdom but there are two … Continue reading

[Guest Blogger] Beepart Vinyl Wall and Laptop Decals

We’ve tracked down Neil Jeffrey, artist and professional illustrator, based in London, Canada; for his thoughts as a small business owner. His images have been found on times square billboards, in advertisements, on gift cards, on book covers and on television advertisements. We are lovin’ Sugar Skull, Woodgrain and the Winged Cupcake range. But if … Continue reading

Comfort Works | Nikkala Winter Discount

5 Australian Winter Home Must-Haves

Can you believe it’s already June? The months are passing by so quickly and yes, folk’s its already winter! While the other side of the world is sunny side up, here down under, it’s time to pull out the sweaters, crank up the heater and do the huddle. If you are visiting Melbourne, be warned … Continue reading

[Wish List] Kazzki’s Felt Messenger Bag

I’ve always loved clean simple designs, especially when they are made with contrasting fabrics and materials that make my fingers tingle and my heart flutter every time I see them. Enter Kazzki. Original designs and handmade from start to finish in Sydney, Australia – I’m uber loving the beautifully crafted industrial wool felt and leather … Continue reading

[Wish List] Vik Prjonsdottir’s got you covered

Introducing Víkurprjón Ltd, a knitting factory located in Vík (Iceland) is a collaboration between the designers Brynhildur Palsdottir, Egill Kalevi Karlsson, Gudfinna Mjoll Magnusdottir, Hrafnkell Birgisson, Thuridur Ros Sigurthorsdottir and the knitwear producer Vikurprjon. The project was meant to revaluate the image of the Icelandic wool industry through unconventional product development. The new designs – … Continue reading

[Wish List] Here you will dream of endless kissing

The wondrous and wonderful Joon&Jung‘s latest design ‘pillow blanket’. It is approximately 3 x 3 meters in size. Completely detachable and machine washable. With a pillow missing in its rectangular design, it allows you to slip your head through the hole—doughnut style—and use it as both a pillow and a blanket. Someone. Anyone. Please ask … Continue reading

[Shop Watch] Design Dispensary

What: The Design Dispensary Where: 322 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne When: Mon-Thurs 11am-6pm, Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11-4pm Contact: 9670 7221 Website: designforuse.com.au Gift buying? These people so have it covered. This is a good place to find gifts for people you don’t know very well but would like to impress with something a bit more … Continue reading

[Wish List] OTOTO

We are loving anything that makes us smile and scream KAWAII. OTOTO design have brought to us everyday grown-up must-haves in childlike shells plus a dash of humour. This tea-infusing submarines leaves to the boiling hot water in your mug and creates the perfect infusion of your favourite brew. They might not be fast but … Continue reading

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