About Comfort Works

Before you move on, let us tell you just a few things.
Give you a small map, in case you get lost.

how we are affordable

Comfort Works is an Australian based online workroom for everyone to click to make fabric covers;
Covers for your windows, your ikea sofas, bed covers, any-size-you-want pillow and cushion covers.

The industry of ‘custom-made’ is well-known for “high-end prices”. At Comfort Works, we strive to challenge this convention, by being more careful with money and not letting a single thing go to waste (good for you and the planet), hence ‘Custom-made-at-ready-made-prices’.

We started out by creating a tidy, easy to use online workroom and providing a handpicked selection of fabrics from all around the world for your tailor-making perusal. You then design your own covers, relax for 4 weeks, and insert the covers yourself as it arrives at your doorstep. By selling online, we’ve eliminate nosy (read: commission driven) sales agents, and by manufacturing our products as close to the point of consumption, we’re able to get prices lower.

Making is easy at Comfort Works

Comfort Works is driven by a passion for design and high quality craftsmanship. We make no compromises when it comes to designing and producing our family of products. In an effort to serve home lovers and Ikea-fans, we are constantly challenging ourselves to produce unparalleled tailor-made covers. No matter how you define your style, your passions or your budget, our business will make sure you’re well covered (pun intended).

In everything we do, our philosophy is simple: We want to surround ourselves with things that we love. We will not sell you a product we wouldn’t buy for our own home. We also want to inspire delirious laughter and that victorious feeling in your stomach when you know you´ve found the best deal in town. Comfort Works is more than our way of finding and selling products; it’s also a way of life (credo) we live everyday by.

Creator & Parental Unit of Comfort Works,
Rachel & Henry

One Response to “About Comfort Works”
  1. Mtt says:

    Hey there

    I’m not usually this ignorant – but on this occasion I just don’t have time to browse your site and I’m writing to ask if you sell the discontinued Kramfors covers (ie: have acquired a limited quantity of their remaining stock) or if you offer to custom copy the shape in a larger range of fabrics. My wife is in the UK at present, I have three kids here to look after and found out the bad news about this sofa yesterday when visiting IKEA. I was gutted as I purchased the two seater and chaise lounge just a few months ago and already it is marked. i was relying on the fall back of new covers from IKEA when I found out the news. As you say, they don’t really care do they?! Basically, I’m hoping to have some good news for my wife, as she will give me such a hard time, when i tell her, knowing that I was the one who pushed for this particular model/design !!!

    Thanks so much


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