[Guest Blogger] My business is a joke!

Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Colleen and I run a fairly new etsy shop called Dear Colleen. I’ve very kindly been asked to write a guest post for Comfort Works offering other small businesses advise. I’m way too new to have much in the way of words of wisdom but there are two things so far that have been key to my businesses success.

Firstly embracing the online community and using it in a social rather than marketing way, if all you do is post links to your shop then no one is really going to find you all that interesting. I think this article from etsy is fantastic.

Secondly it’s important to have a USP (Unique Selling Point).

I’m building my USP as the designer to go to for Smartass posters (above is my best seller, which is a new take on the old ‘when life hands you lemons’ saying). I also make stationery, rosettes and as of next week I’ll be selling tea towels and shopping bags. Above is an exclusive sneak peek of my new ‘DISHES I’D RATHER BE DOING’ tea towel. Most of my work is based around my own sense of fun and there is often a feeling that when customer buys from my shop that we are sharing a joke.

Instead of just talking business and in keeping with my own work I thought it would only be fitting to add a touch of humor to this post. So here are some of my favorite, thought provoking, brilliant but most of all witty items to bring a little joy to everyday life and your home.

Like me ‘Sensitive Boyfriend’ (aka Drus Dryden) is a New Zealand based designer. The Psycho chopping board is so clever that I could kick myself for not coming up with it.

Dominic Wilcox is amazing. He was a couple of years ahead of me at Edinburgh College of Art where we both studied Graphic design. This piece is called ‘War bowl’ and has been made by melting down plastic toy solders.

London based Lazy Oaf is a bit of a problem for me. I could (and often do) spend hours on the site giggling to myself. Not only maker of quirky home ware you’ll also find the greatest greeting cards know to man.

Hella Jongerius is a Dutch designer I’m not sure if I would exactly describe her work as funny but there’s something in it’s personality and quirkiness that makes me very happy.

Last but by no means least Gemma Correll of ‘pugs not drugs’ fame. She’s just a funny lady and the sort of girl I image would be a right giggle to be friends with. I would happy have any of her lovely illustrations in my home.
Each week Comfort Works will cover a promising new startup, as part of a series we’re calling HomeWork! . Each post showcases a promising new interior- design- related company, and finds the unique feature that separates it from the competition. This guest blogging series also includes advice these entrepreneurs would like to give other small business owners. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please contact us.

2 Responses to “[Guest Blogger] My business is a joke!”
  1. So I am kinda in love with your new dishtowel! Seriously!!!

  2. I concur 😉 Those on the dishtowel are DELI-CIOUS !

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