[Guest Blogger] Beepart Vinyl Wall and Laptop Decals

We’ve tracked down Neil Jeffrey, artist and professional illustrator, based in London, Canada; for his thoughts as a small business owner. His images have been found on times square billboards, in advertisements, on gift cards, on book covers and on television advertisements. We are lovin’ Sugar Skull, Woodgrain and the Winged Cupcake range. But if you prefer something custom, Neil will happily draw pictures in exchange for small amounts of fame and fortune.

Hi, my name is Neil Jeffery and I’m the owner and operator of Beepart, a Canadian-based company specializing in the design and creation of vinyl wall and laptop decals. Beepart began as an idea when I noticed the popularity of vinyl wall decals growing but I was really disappointed by the quality of the designs being offered by many companies. As a freelance illustrator with a background in fine art, I felt that I could offer unique designs with more detail and interest than many currently being offered on the market. I started Beepart last year have been working to grow Beepart as a small business ever since.

From the beginning my focus has not only been quality products but also customer service, I want my customers to be happy with the product and also with their experience when dealing with Beepart. As a small company I feel that I can put a personal touch to every I do, from the design and creation to the sale of my products.

The inspiration for my designs come from many sources. From art history, traditional cultural designs, tattoo art, mod and retro art, Beepart strives to offer something for everyone that you can’t find anywhere else. Many of my designs can also be customized, such as wall decals with custom banner texts and laptop decals made to fit the customer’s specific computer.

My advice to anyone considering starting a small business would be to work hard and be passionate about what you do, if you don’t believe in the work you are doing or product you are selling it will be hard to convince your customers to be.

My decals are currently sold through my Etsy shop and I have a website in the works and plan to bring more talented artists into the Beepart family.
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As a thanks to Comfort Works for this opportunity as a guest blogger, I’d like to offer all readers of Comfort Works blog a 10% discount on all products offered in my Etsy shop, simply let me know you’re a Comfort Works reader in the ‘message from buyer’ window on checkout and I’ll issue you a refund.

Each week Comfort Works will cover a promising new startup, as part of a series we’re calling HomeWork! . Each post showcases a promising new interior- design- related company, and finds the unique feature that separates it from the competition. This guest blogging series also includes advice these entrepreneurs would like to give other small business owners. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please contact us.


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