[How To] Choose Fabric for your Ikea Sofa Slipcovers?

So it’s time for a change and you’re considering slipcovers for your sofa to give your room a whole new look. Choosing fabric for your sofa slipcovers doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but it’s also something that you don’t want to rush into because you’re frustrated with the condition of your sofa! Take a moment to assess and then re-dress your sofa.

Color and Pattern

Okay, first you need to take a look around your room. If you’re just having slipcovers made and not redecorating for a total change, then take cues from your current style. Consider the colors that are dominant in the room, such as the window treatments, and coordinate with those.

If your window treatments are solid and most of the other upholstered pieces are as well, you can add a subtle pattern to the sofa slipcover to bring life to the room. For example, if your window treatments are beige and you have other upholstered pieces that are brown or tan, try going for a stripe fabric that incorporates beige, brown and blue. For added depth and character, add a few patterned and solid throw pillows that pick up the colors in the room.

If a pattern or floral fabric adorns your windows, select a color that is in the window fabric. Did you know that you can also mix and match patterns and floral? The key to making this mix work is paying attention to scale. If the pattern on your window treatments is large, use a small or medium pattern on other pieces. Conversely, if your window fabric is a small floral, use a large or medium pattern on the sofa slipcovers in a contrasting check, stripe or geometric design. Even another floral would work as long as it is large in pattern.

Type of Fabric

The weight of fabric is very important when choosing fabric for your sofa slipcovers. You want to choose a fabric that is durable enough to withstand Fido’s paws, Fluffy’s claws or Junior’s squirming around. Poly-cotton is a great choice as it is very durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. They are also machine washable, which is a great bonus.

If you don’t have to contend with a Fido, Fluffy or Junior you can go for a more luxurious fabric, such as leather, ultrasuede or velvet. The great advantage of slipcovers is that you can change them seasonally. You could use cotton in summer and change out to a heavier fabric in the winter. Linens and silks are beautiful but probably not the best fabrics for slipcovers as they wrinkle easily, are not machine washable and can loose their shape over time.

For high-traffic sofas, search for tightly woven fabrics such as poly-cotton blend and twill, as these will hold up better over time. Cotton is also a good choice because it is washable; therefore any stains can be removed easily. Faux suede or leather are good choices because they wear very nicely and can be spot-cleaned with relative ease.

To truly know how a fabric will work with your lifestyle and decorating style, take advantage of free samples. Comfort Works allows up to five free samples for those that like options. Once you have the sample in hand, place it next to your window treatments and other upholstered pieces. Does it complement your scheme or detract from it? Place the sample on the sofa and imagine living with your choice.

Get a good feel for the fabric to ensure that it will be comfortable and durable. Consider the strength of the fabric. Will it hold up to your household’s activities? Will it hold its shape and be easy to maintain?

Evaluating your room’s color, pattern and style helps you to choose the look of fabric for your sofa slipcovers. By assessing your lifestyle in that room and how it relates to your sofa will help you choose a fabric that fits you as well as the sofa! So take your time, assess, get samples, and re-dress your sofa!


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