Grey Sofas | Winter’s Living Room

we’re inspired by…..
shades of grey in people’s living spaces.

Okay, I’ve gotta ask-does grey really bring to mind dark clouds and rainy days made tedious due to boredom? I’m seriously doubting it. This season, grey is making an amazing statement on the color palette. We love grey for the simple elegance that it brings to the room. Use them to anchor a room or create a cosy feel, as seen in these wonderful homes below, opting for the comforting scheme of modern greys.

Comfort and natural colours are key to adding warmth and texture to create an inviting living space. That being said, don’t neglect your accessories when creating a space to love. Keep in mind, it’s safest to stick to strong colours only in accessories. Tip: Use bright colours to break up the neutral furniture. When using grey as a focal color or simply as an accent and if you feel the dark grey really sets a statement, don’t be afraid to use it too.

Comfort Works presents Nomad Grey, pictured below custom made to snugly fit an Ikea Nikkala 3 seat. Now you can add an affordable designer machine-washable slipcover in this winter’s favourite palette.

Also available in Ekeskog, Kramfors, Karlanda, Ektorp, Klippan, Tylosand, Nils, and many more. To find our more visit our website or drop us an email.

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