[Eco Tip] Re-cycling the Green Insides of your Computer

So here are the facts. 1. The average Australian household owns a computer or have access to one everyday. An ABS study found that 64 per cent of Australian households had home internet access and 73 per cent had access to a home computer. 2. Australian are good Recyclers but depending on what they think … Continue reading

Want to see your IKEA sofa in full leather?

I really really love aged leather sofa, especially those in varying shades of brown. There is such a worldly charm about a leather upholstery and it certainly is one of the most popular choices that people make for home furnishings today. If you are looking to add some pizazz to your home leather furniture is … Continue reading

IKEA presents new KIVIK sofa range

Furniture giant IKEA has recently launched its new KIVIK sofa range. The Kivik series boast generous seating with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back. The seat cushion is equipped with a top layer of memory foam, which is designed to mould to the precise contours of your body and regains its … Continue reading

Caps Lock

I love when things mean more than you originally thought they do. Caps Lock by Andreas Banderas found at bevel and boss

Ikea Kramfors Discontinued, but Comfort Works’ got you covered!

Recently IKEA has discontinued its Kramfors sofa range to make way for its new Kivik sofa range. We were clicking around the net for affordable leather sofas to recommend to our customers, when we found broken links. Panicked, we kept googling for Kramfors, Kramfors, Kramfors for a good 7 minutes. Disappointed, we immediately called IKEA … Continue reading

Comfort Works is 100% Australian Certified

Guess who got a gold medal? Comfort Works did! To be exact we were issued with the Australian Certified GOLD Website. Just so you folks know that we are proudly Australians Owned and Operated, we went and made sure we complied with all the terms and conditions provided and came out with the Gold Logo. … Continue reading

We have added to the Ektorp and Kramfors range

We listened to our customers and we have bumped up the waiting list. We have now added to the much asked about Ektorp Armchair, Ektorp Bromma (Footstool), Ektorp Sofa Bed (Two Seat) and a Kramfors two seater sofa, arm rest (left) to our range of replacement covers. Don’t you like leather upholstered Ikea sofas look … Continue reading

[Wish List] Kazzki’s Felt Messenger Bag

I’ve always loved clean simple designs, especially when they are made with contrasting fabrics and materials that make my fingers tingle and my heart flutter every time I see them. Enter Kazzki. Original designs and handmade from start to finish in Sydney, Australia – I’m uber loving the beautifully crafted industrial wool felt and leather … Continue reading

[How to] Curtain Measuring Guide

If this is your first time custom making curtains for your home, watch the video below. This four minute tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to measure your windows for curtains and window treatments. For quick instructions, look below. 1. Measuring Width: Always measure the size of your curtain’s track/pole, and not … Continue reading

[How To] Design my own sofa slipcovers on Comfort Works?

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